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About us

The Exam Academy is an Exam Preparation Centre which prides itself on exam success

We have been in business for over 10 years - teaching 800+ students in Asia & Spain.

Focusing on the Cambridge English exams (First & Advanced) and IELTS, we aim to prepare you with the technique and tricks necessary for you to pass the exams.

Our philosophy is simple - we employ the best qualified teachers, we offer small group sizes,​ and we focus on the skills you won't be able to practice on your own.

Highly experienced accomplished trainers

100% Native English-speaking trainers who are highly qualified in education and have many years of teaching experience. All our trainers graduated from universities, and own international English teaching certificates such as CELTA, DELTA, and TELF.

Effective learning programs

Courses and books are designed in-house by all our trainers, and updated regularly to reflect changes to the exams.

International learning environment

An interactive teaching method that aims to form proactive study habits for students not only in our classes but also in other aspects of their life.

Cost effective

Students are tested then placed on a course that matches their abilities to ensure they reach their exams goals in the shortest possible time.

Services from heart

We are a word-of-mouth company. Therefore, we will continue to be successful only if you achieve success in your academic life and career, and spread the secret to others.

Our students

We carefully selected our students and ensure that they are placed on a course that matches their abilities so that they progress as quickly as possible and have the best chance of achieving their goal on exam day.

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