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Cambridge First writing tips - Synonyms

Learn your synonyms. 

Why do some students who write with no mistakes still get low marks in their writings?

On reason is that they get deducted marks for repeating the same vocabulary and not paraphrasing the instructions.

Learning to say the same thing in different ways will not only help you sound more articulate when you speak, but it will also get you more marks in your exam as you will be tested on your range of vocabulary.

You will need to make sure that you are well-equipped with a bank of synonyms relating to different topics and be able to do certain things using different expressions. For example, learn how to ask someone for information in different ways – e.g., ‘I was wondering if you could tell me…’, ‘Could you let me know if…’, ‘do you have any information about….’.

This will make your language richer and will certainly gain you extra marks.



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